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FINALLY! A Worthing Weight Loss & Fitness Programme That Combines the Ultra Fun Environment and Cost Effective Structure of a Boot Camp WITH the Individualisation and Extra Coaching That Personal Training Provides!

Dear Friend,

Personal Training in Worthing Will NEVER Be the Same Again!

YES! That is a very bold statement, and I’m more than prepared to back it up.

Until now, personal training programmes in Sussex have been built on a one-on-one personal training model. In other words, one personal trainer works with one client… typically for a one-hour personal training session.

I’m here to tell you that model, for the most part, is OBSOLETE!

  • One-on-One Personal training is boring…
  • One-on-One Personal training lacks energy…
  • AND, one-on-one personal training is missing one of the most important factors for weight loss success… SOCIAL SUPPORT.

Now, on the flip side, One-on-One Personal Training DOES PROVIDE very individualised programming and a very detailed level of coaching. Hold that thought…

Right now, boot camps are all the rage in the fitness industry, and rightfully so. Boot Camps, when done right, are extremely efficient and incredibly effective for weight loss and fitness.

Plus, they’re just WAY MORE FUN than training alone.

The only downside I see with boot camps is the loss of individually focused attention and highly customised training that One-on-One Personal Training provides. Up until now, it’s pretty much been one or the other, but that’s all about to change thanks to the…

Advanced Body Transformation Formula at PW Physique and Fitness

  • PW Advanced Personal Training is fun… YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!
  • PW Advanced Personal Training is full of energy… YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!
  • PW Advanced Personal Training provides social support… YOU WILL MAKE GREAT FRIENDS!
  • Most importantly… PW Advanced Personal Training WORKS!

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Who is this guy, and why is he the authority on personal training programmes in West Sussex?” please allow me a few minutes to introduce myself…


Anthony Punshon – Body Transformation Expert

My name is Anthony Punshon.

I’m going to tell you a little secret. I’m not like most trainers. I’m not naturally sporty or athletic, and I personally know what if feels like to be out of shape and how it affects your life.

I spent years being a slave to my crappy genes…

  • Too afraid to take my top off at the beach
  • Dodging cameras because I was too embarassed about how I looked
  • Wearing clothes that were way too big to try to disguise my paltry physique

So for nearly a decade I trained like they told me in the magazines and on those exercise videos, drinking green sludge, and downing magic pills that the Adonis holding the bottle promised me would make me drop fat and sculpt a lean toned physique in record time.

But after years of falling in line with conventional training programmes all I got was lower back pain.

So after a scary photo moment… You know the kind – that one photo that takes your breath away and makes you feel like someone just punched you right in the pit of your stomach… I got educated.

I stayed up late under torchlight reading text book after text book. Study after study. Cramming every bit of real, scientific fitness information I could find.

I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, got back in the trenches, and finally gave my useless genes a kick up the backside!

So, that’s my story. But, what’s more exciting are the success stories my satisfied clients have! Here are just a few that I thought you’d enjoy…

“I was a classic ’dieter’. I’ve literally tried it all!”


“I was a classic ’dieter’. I’ve literally tried it all! I tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, milkshake diets, and slimming tablets – which may I add made me very ill! Although I did lose some weight on these diets I always put it back on, plus more just to rub it in!Not any more! I’ve lost over 2 stone, and over 4 inches from my waist!

I’m always getting compliments when I bump into friends and family and even when I take my daughter to school the mums say how good I look and ask how I’ve done it.

I can’t honestly describe the extent this has changed my life. I feel so much better in myself now. I’m fitter, stronger, and so confident.”

Sally T.

“I just did what he told me and I have lost over 5 stone!”


“I was 18st 8lbs at my biggest, none of my clothes fitted and I’d resorted to using an elastic band to hold my trousers closed! I’d got so big I didn’t care what I looked like. I’ve always done windsurfing and kite-surfing but my weight had increased so much I was too fat to even do that.

My wife signed me up to Anthony’s training, and the first week I lost 9lb! Since then I’ve lost an average loss of 2lb a week.I now understand food and appreciate how it affects my body and energy levels. My windsurfing is the best it’s ever been and more importantly I’m really enjoying it now!

The best thing about Anthony’s training is that it wasn’t difficult, there wasn’t any point counting, etc. I just did what he told me and at the time of writing I have lost over 5 stone!My wife is over the moon as our food bill has practically halved!”

Kevin M.

“I l ost 3½ inches off my waist in only 21-days!”


“I feel so good and look so much better after just three short weeks. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this is the easiest, most fun weight-loss plan I have ever taken on.Anthony has been there every step of the way with advice and support. The last week was tough because I was pre-menstrual and on the lowest calorie limit of the three-week plan. But I didn’t go crazy and order pizza. I just ate a little extra sensible food and I still lost weight.”

Marilla W

“I lost 4 stone and 13 inches off my waist!”


My kids would keep asking me if I had a baby in my tummy. I’d just brush it off. They’re kids after all! I knew I was overweight, but surely it wasn’t that bad. Then on holiday, my partner took a picture of me on the beach, and oh my God, I looked nine months pregnant! This very rare picture, and my girls, were my inspiration. I’d had enough. I needed to take control of my weight.

My saviour was my Personal Trainer, Anthony from PW Physique and Fitness. He never judged me. When I first got on the scales, his reaction was, “We can do this.” I lost my first stone quickly, and then through consistency it has just steadily come off, amounting now to 4 stone, 13 inches off my waist, and 5 dress sizes!

I’m fully in tune with my body now, and it’s OK if I go to a party, or have a bad day, my body can handle it and just start a new day.

Lindsey B.

“I had my 6 pack on 17th December – sorry did I say 6… I meant 8!”


“I worked with Anthony harder than I had ever worked in my life working out and on the diet. I thought this is my golden opportunity to do this I will not waste it. I mean what’s 12 weeks out of the rest of my life.

I exceeded all my expectations. I had my 6 pack on 17th December – sorry did I say 6… I meant 8! I was ecstatic, he motivated me to go but I pushed my self to my limits to achieve, I Realised the Dream! I managed to drop my weight to 12stone 5 the lightest in 15 years and my body fat to 9%. In total I had lost over 5 inches off my waist! But more than that I had confidence in myself and my abilities‎”

Steve M.

“I’ve lost over 2 stone and my life change has been incredible!”


My time-to-change moment was when my then boyfriend mentioned to me I’d put on a bit of weight! He actually did me a big favour because it made me think, “I need to do something about this and make him fancy me again!” and if he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’d seen Anthony’s Boot Camp advertised and knew I’d be able to make it there in the mornings before work so I signed up immediately! Fast forward a few months, and the other day I bought three dresses in a size 10 and one in a size 8; I never thought, ever, that I’d be able to get into a size like that! And I love my training buddies!

The atmosphere is amazing. Everybody new who starts is welcomed into the group like they’ve been friends for years. I don’t know how many extra calories we burn just laughing! My life change has been incredible. I walk down the street and I feel like a new woman. I feel amazing! I just feel so happy; the happiest I’ve ever been and so super-duper confident. I’ve never really felt like this before and it’s addictive!

– Nicole P.

Now It’s Your Turn to Look and Feel as Awesome as They Do! Will You Let Me Help YOU?


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  • Dropping a clothes size or more in as little as a month
  • Having a tight, toned bum and thighs
  • Having a trim waistline and not seeing your belly poke out
  • No more wobbly bingo wings
  • Sleeping better and having more energy to deal with work/kids
  • Having loads of energy to do the things you enjoy
  • Turning back the clock to look 5, or even 10 years younger

PW Advanced Personal Training WILL Turn This Fantasy
Into a Fact!”

Our unique Sussex Personal Training programme works by giving you:

  • Accountability – One study showed that 88% of Britons gave up an exercise programme within a month of starting. Why? Lack of results. However, another study showed just staying in touch with a trainer once per week increased results by over 2,000%! The difference between the people in these studies? Accountability. We’ll be tracking your results – Weight, body fat percent, photos – on a regular basis to keep you accountable and motivated. Which brings us to…
  • Motivation and support – No-one bounces into the gym like Tigger on espresso every session. With our personal training you have your own personal cheer squad in me and the people you workout with. We’ll lift you up, push you, make you laugh, and get you back on track. We’ve got your back.
  • Complete nutrition plan – All the sweating, pushing, and grunting in the world won’t get you lean, fit, and toned without the right fuel going in. With our read-it-and-eat-it quick-start, rapid fat loss plans and our advanced nutrition manual, we’ll show you how to eat for the body you want.
  • Firm, toned muscles – Our personal training sessions won’t have you jumping around to music to try and raise your heart pumping and work up a sweat just so you feel like you’ve done something. They’re designed to work your muscles with laser focus to trim, tighten, and sculpt your body. We’re not filming a music video here, we’re sculpting your body like clay!

BOTTOM LINE: PW Advanced Personal Training Delivers RESULTS!

“I lost 2 stone and 3 dress sizes!”


Over the last 10 years I have tried literally all the diets that you read about in the papers in a vain attempt to make myself magically get thin… I have always lost a bit and then put on more within a few months… When I started to plan my wedding in July 2012 I had to do something different. After a quick Google search, I found Anthony and I have not looked back since!

Since joining I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes, run an Army assault course, run the Brighton Half Marathon, and made some amazing friends who inspire and motivate me to carry on!

Jane T.

“I like what I see in the changing room mirrors, and size 10 clothes fit perfectly!”


I had always been slim – even after having two children I got back to my ‘normal’ figure. My weight-gain started when I worked at a school – there were ALWAYS chocolates, sweets, cakes and biscuits in the staff room! It was always someone’s birthday, or a gift from a pupil/parent, or staff baking. Gorgeous, but my sweet tooth could not say ‘No’. So, after Christmas, the fattest I had ever been, no clothes fitted me and I felt gross and depressed. I jumped on the New Year resolution bandwagon with both feet and I got in touch with Anthony weighing 11 stone 8 lbs – two stone overweight. And for me, that was the best thing I have done in a long, long time.

I thought I was going to die after my first session – in fact I was sick by the end of it. Literally! And I could hardly move for a week! But that’s normal – so when you give it a try, and can’t walk, and ache all over, don’t give up. Keep going – it will be worth it! Before I’d started I’d bought my first pair of size 14 jeans, and I swore it would be the last time I bought that size clothing. I didn’t realise – until I started to lose weight – how long I had been ‘squeezing’ into size 12 clothes, and how uncomfortable they were! Now, shopping is an absolute delight! I like what I see in the changing room mirrors, and size 10 clothes fit perfectly! Perhaps my biggest regret – apart from not starting sooner – is not taking any before photos. I’ve never been happy in front of the camera, and as I got older and fatter I avoided it at all costs. But I’ve kept one pair of jeans to remind me how fat I became, and they will never fit me again!

Kay W.

“Not only can I keep up with my gymnast daughter now, I’ve got a six pack of my own!”


It was last years holiday to Majorca that started my journey. Or more accurately when I got back! I was flicking through the family photos and it was then that it hit home how much the weight had gradually crept on over the years. Happens to all of us, right? My dad had died at the young age of 50 following a long-standing heart condition, and at 46 now with a son and a daughter myself, those photos really put it in front of my face how overweight I had become and that I could be wandering down the same road. So after a visit to my good friend Martin the hairdresser, owner of Infusion Hair Design in Worthing, I made the commitment to sort myself out! If not just for me but my family too. Plus my daughter does gymnastics to a high level and at 10 has a six-pack! We can’t have her beating her dad now!

I’ve been training with Anthony for around 4 months now, have lost over 3 stone, and had a great time getting involved in the regular events like Tex Mex night, organisation of a charity bootcamp for the local kids, and who could forget the fancy dress fun and games on New Year’s Eve? Not only am I 3 stone down now, but I’m in at least as good, if not better shape than when I was in my 20s. Plus, not only can I keep up with my daughter now (or at least do a better job of it!), I’ve got a six pack of my own!

Mark M.

“I really wanted to lose another 7lbs. After sticking to the programme for 6 weeks, that’s exactly what I achieved!”


After having a hysterectomy, I lost 2½ stone over 2 years through healthy eating and exercise. After losing the 2½ stone my weight hit a plateau for 5 months.

It didn’t matter what I did, both with the diet and the exercise, nothing changed. I really wanted to lose another 7lbs. After sticking to the programme for 6 weeks, that’s exactly what I achieved!

People cannot believe that I have only lost 7 lbs they think I have lost a lot more. The programme has made a huge difference to my body shape!

I have now set myself a new goal to lose a further 7 lbs and I know that this will be possible if I just repeat the programme again.‎

Tracy C.

“You spend half the time than others do working out, and achieve twice as much!”


The workouts were as simple (but very hard work!) as ever in Anthony’s programs. The thing I love about it is that you spend half the time than others do working out, and achieve twice as much! In just 6 weeks I lost 4 inches from my waist!

As ever, the diet encourages healthy eating and correct portion sizes. I found that smaller amounts do fill you up and I now always prepare smaller portions than I used to.

Of course, you need the will power to want to achieve your goals, but Anthony makes it as simple as possible from there on.‎

Natalie H.

“I’ve finally returned to the woman my boyfriend fell in love with!”


Once upon a time not so long ago, I was over weight, stressed out, depressed and unsociable – not to mention totally disgusted by the reflection I saw every day. Then one day back In May 2012 I decided enough was enough, I was going to get my life back and become someone. So through the help of my sister I met Anthony Punshon from PW Physique and Fitness, who started me on my journey to awesomeness! I’m known for being an opportunist, and at the time Anthony was testing a new style of workout he’d been developing for his Bootcamp. At the end of the 28 day project, the difference was life altering! In just 28 days, I’d lost 10lbs of fat and 2 inches from my waist, and 2 1/2 inches from my hips! Not only was I trimmer, lighter and healthier, but the change had triggered something else in me too – I was also confident!!! It really was so awesome.

Since the start I have now started my own very successful beauty business, have flourished as a mummy, and – wait for it – worn a bikini! I even sung karaoke for the 1st time ever! This confidence thing could be dangerous! But most of all, I’ve finally returned to the women my boyfriend fell in love with. (Although he loved me all the I was fat too!). Oh and by the way, you never tire of the compliments! Lol. It’s hard to believe in the beginning that you will achieve anything, and there’s so many reason not to do something about your weight. But as I learned, they’re just excuses. Once I made the decision to change, none of those reasons seamed to matter. Now I hope I can inspire just one person to take the leap to a slimmer healthier you!

Lisa P.

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I can’t wait to meet you!!

Committed to your success,


Anthony Punshon
Body Transformation Expert
PW Physique and Fitness Personal Training
Worthing and West Sussex

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PLUS Get Instant Access To:

  • Workout Schedule and Location
  • Exact Pricing Information to Get Started
  • Bonus eBooks and Videos, Fat Busting Blueprint, and Regular Fat Loss Secrets and Strategies Emails
  • How to Get Started Right Away!

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